Vehicle restoration and maintenance for French and Swiss customers

Do you know detailing? It’s a cleaning and restoration service that sublimates the interior or exterior of a vehicle.

Weather conditions, sun, rain, snow… do not spare your vehicle’s bodywork. It tends to tarnish over the years, with micro-scratches from washing altering its appearance.



Detailing is an operation designed to restore your luxury vehicle’s appearance, shine and lustre as if it had just come out of the garage.

Very common in Anglo-Saxon countries, this practice has now arrived in France thanks to LUXURYCAR Detailing, which offers you this exclusive service.

More than just cleaning, detailing focuses on the micro-details that make up a vehicle’s prestigious appearance.

Detailing Xpel à Bons-en-Chablais en Haute-Savoie

Detailing specialists in Haute-Savoie and Geneva

Detailing is a highly skilled operation. This is an art requiring specialized products. As a professional in this field, LUXURYCAR Detailing uses its know-how to obtain the best possible results and restore your valuable vehicles to their original appearance. We are authorized and exclusive applicators of XPEL products in Haute-Savoie.


LUXURYCAR Detailing is the only authorized center in Haute-Savoie to install XPEL solutions.

Since 1997, XPEL has enjoyed a leading reputation for the quality of its products, which provide tried and tested protection between your vehicle and the road.


Body and headlight protection

Several ranges of transparent (PPF) or tinted films are available to protect your paintwork or headlights from chips and scratches.

Tinted window films

LUXURYCAR Detailing also puts its expertise and attention to detail at your service for the installation of XPEL tinted window films.

Prime XR plus

Thanks to its multi-layer nanoparticle technology, PRIMETM XR PLUS automotive window tint combines a modern look with exceptional performance. With PRIMETM XR PLUS, you stay comfortable and protected, whatever the weather.

Prime XR

Thanks to its nano-ceramic construction, PRIMETM XR retains the same impeccable appearance and clarity over the years. It offers the level of performance you’d expect from a top-of-the-range automotive window tint, without breaking the bank.

Prime HP

Developed with a hybrid tinted metal construction, PRIMETM HP offers better heat rejection than traditional tinted films. Its enhanced reflective finish is the perfect compromise between value and performance.

Luxury Car Achat et Vente de véhicules de prestige

Buy & Sell luxury cars

Complementing our detailing business, LUXURYCAR Consulting helps car enthusiasts buy and sell prestige vehicles.

Discover our business of buying and selling prestige vehicles for our French and Swiss customers.

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